Helping Colorado Win

How Black Hawk Supports Colorado

Did you know your trip to Black Hawk is also helping Colorado flourish? Visit Black Hawk is committed to making Colorado a more beautiful place and a positive community where residents and tourists can thrive. Your support of our casinos, hotels, and restaurants allows us to help build jobs, develop the community, and better protect the environment in this beautiful state. Learn more about some of the initiatives we’re engaged with below and plan your getaway to Black Hawk today.


In addition to preserving Colorado history, gaming tax revenues also go to the State General Fund. These funds are broken out between several specific initiatives. Amounts received by each are adjusted annually by the rate of inflation. Visit Colorado Historical to learn more.


In 2006, the state legislature approved $15 million for funding tourism promotion in Colorado. Thanks to various State campaigns, increased visits to promotional websites, official Colorado Welcome Centers, calls to the 1-800 number and requests for the Official State Vacation Guide have resulted in a dramatic increase in visitations and dollars spent in Colorado. Visit for more information on travel and tourism in Colorado.


The Colorado Council on the Arts is a division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Its mission is to promote the cultural, educational and economic growth of Colorado through development of its arts and cultural heritage. Visit Colorado Council on the Arts to learn more.


The Film Incentives Cash Fund was created by the state legislature to provide rebates of up to 10% of film, documentary or television program production costs for companies who produce and film in Colorado. The fund is managed by the Colorado Film Commission. Learn more about the Colorado Film Commision and its resources.


The Job Creation Performance Incentive Fund was developed by the state legislature in an effort to encourage new business development in Colorado. It provides a performance-based incentive payment to qualifying companies that have created new jobs paying above-average wages. For more information, see the state Job Creation Performance Incentive Fund Fact Sheet (pdf file).


Created in 2006 by the Colorado legislature, this program focuses on improving and expanding new bioscience discovery evaluation at research institutes throughout the state. The purpose is directed toward accelerating development of new products and services and is targeted at life science and biofuels technologies. Learn more on this program by visiting the Colorado Govertment’s official website.


In 2007, the Clean Energy Fund was created using $10 million in gaming fees. These funds are designated toward providing rebates to homeowners and businesses that invest in renewable energy systems. Economic development is a key focus of these funds and is targeted toward attracting and retaining renewable energy businesses. Learn more about the Colorado Clean Energy Fund.


The city of Black Hawk helps generate necessary funding for Colorado’s 13 community colleges. After bet limits were raised in the city, over 70% of state revenue, generated from taxes on the additional gaming income, is distributed to higher education.