Bartender’s Favorite Cocktails

A good bartender will know how to make just about any drink you want to order. In fact, they may even have created some signature drinks of their own. If you ask one what they recommend, you might be surprised at what they’ll suggest. Here is a look at some of the favorite cocktails from bartenders.

1. Martini

Whether you want to play it safe or you’re looking for a signature drink you can order everywhere you go, one of the classics is the martini. It’s a good gauge of how talented a bartender is because it’s simple enough to make but also easy to mess up. If the martini is really good, you know the rest of the drinks will be, too.

2. Negroni

Bartenders recommend this drink because it’s easy to make and almost any bar will have it on their list of drinks. It’s also difficult to mess up, which is important if you’re trying out a new bar. The experts say they use this drink to gauge the bartender’s skills before ordering anything else. It works for any season and occasion.

3. Daiquiri

Another popular choice is the daiquiri. Also simple to make and a staple in just about every bar in the world, this drink does allow for some personal expression. Bartenders can choose their rum, which allows them to create a unique flavor without being too adventurous.

4. Manhattan

As one of the classic cocktails, a Manhattan can be easy to make and is perfect with just three ingredients. It sets the tone for a fun evening. The Manhattan is a cocktail that should be standard wherever you go.

Best Bars in Black Hawk

So now you know which drinks to order when you go out as recommended by top bartenders. If you’re visiting Black Hawk for business or for fun, the next question will be where to go to get one of these drinks. Here is a list of the best bars around.

  • Jester’s Bar – located in Mardi Gras Casino, this 24-hour bar showcases an amazing variety of drinks. in addition, you can try draft beers like Fat Tire, 2 Below and Dale’s Pale Ale.
  • Masquerade Bar – the perfect combination of good beer and atmosphere make this bar the place to stop before dinner or for a late night drink. the bar also offers wine, ales and more to suit your taste. Open 24 hours a day, it’s a great place to bring friends. The Masquerade Bar is located in the Mardi Gras Casino.
  • Gold Bar – located in the Golden Gates Casino, this bar offers a large selection of wine, beers and mixed drinks. It’s a great place to go to watch the game with 22 TVs for a prime spot.Check out one of these bars and order a drink for a relaxing evening or a fun get-together with friends.