Beginners Sports Betting Tips & Strategies

Make the Most on Your Bets with These Strategies

Alright, you’ve read enough blogs and heard enough water cooler talk about sports betting. Everyone has their own collection of tips. Whether they work or not finds mixed results. However, the biggest tip is maintaining a strategic edge. No matter what sport you bet on or how big you go, these tips and strategies should be kept in your back pocket. You can’t win every bet you place, but you can give yourself advantages. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to shake things up with a new approach, check out these tips and strategies.

Learn What the Point Spread Is

This is the most popular form of sports betting. Throughout sports like basketball, baseball, and football, a point spread system keeps it exciting and equal. However, it may take a moment to learn. Betting with a point spread is more than just selecting the winner. In this scenario, you bet on whether or not a team will win by a preselected margin. For example, a favored team would need to beat the underdog by a point margin set by the oddsmakers. You need to cover the point spread with your bet in order to win. Here’s an example:

Denver Broncos -10.5 vs. Chicago Bears +10

In this instance, the Broncos are favored over the Bears. They need to win by 10.5 points or more to cover the spread. On the other side, the Bears are 10 point underdogs. The Bears can win the game or not lose the game by 10 points or more. If the Broncos win by exactly the point spread, the bet is called a “push,” and both bettors get their wagers refunded.

Learn how the point spread works and how to play it to your advantage. It’s not about selecting the better team, but how much better a team is than the other.

Dip Your Toes Into Moneyline Betting

If you’re a first-time bettor, the moneyline bets are your easiest entry point. You simply pick the winner of a game. It’s often easier to research and bet in this situation, and you can pick the favorite without much risk. Additionally, there are fewer moving parts and causes for the bet go the wrong way. While some seasoned bettors stick their nose up at moneyline betting, they can still be profitable and fun. Find out what works for you, and don’t worry about gatekeeping.

Concentrate on One Sport

New bettors tend to get excited at all the possibilities and end up spreading themselves too thin. Concentrate on specializing in one particular sport. This will help you narrow your focus. Have you ever juggled multiple fantasy teams at the same time? No matter how much time and dedication you put into setting your lineup, you’re bound to miss crucial trades and can play the wrong guy against a difficult matchup. By selecting only one sport, you can dump all your time into focusing on specific athletes and teams and learn what works and what doesn’t. As you learn more about the sport, your knowledge and confidence will rise, giving you higher chances of success.

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