Introduction to Betting on Soccer

Introduction to Betting on Soccer

Combining soccer with the thrill of sports betting offers an exciting twist on the Beautiful Game. Imagine the adrenaline rush as you watch your favorite team score, knowing that each goal could also mean a big payout for you. Explore the world of soccer sports betting, a growing phenomenon in North America, thanks to the increasing popularity of the Premier League and MLS.

Soccer Sports Betting Basics

Soccer bets are typically based on the results at the end of a full soccer game—that’s 90 minutes of play plus any injury time. However, results from extra time periods or penalty kick shootouts are usually not considered unless otherwise specified.

You have many options for betting on a soccer game. Make your next wager more fun and strategic by keeping the following options in mind:

  • Three-way moneylines: The most basic and popular wager in sports betting is the moneyline, which involves picking a winner. Due to soccer’s low-scoring nature and the possibility of draws, the three-way moneyline accounts for three options—Team A wins, Team B wins, or there’s a draw.
  • Two-way moneylines (draw no bet): This removes the draw option, focusing on a win for either team. If the match ends in a draw, it’s considered “no action,” and stakes are returned to the bettors.
  • Spread betting: Spreads in soccer, also known as point spreads or handicaps, are typically set between 0.5 and 2 goals. Betting on the favorite means they must win by more than the spread. Conversely, betting on the underdog means you want them to win outright or lose by less than the spread.
  • Goal line (Over/Under totals): Similar to totals in other sports, goal line bets in soccer focus on the combined final score of both teams. The standard total projected by oddsmakers for most soccer matches is 2.5 goals, so you bet on whether the final tally will be over or under that amount.
  • Futures betting: Futures involve long-term predictions, like betting on a team to win a tournament or a specific player to score the most goals. These bets can offer substantial payoffs but require a broader view and understanding of the sport and its trends.
  • Soccer prop bets: Prop or proposition bets involve betting on specific events or statistics during a match, such as which player will score a goal or how many corner kicks a team will have. Tournaments typically offer hundreds of prop bets per match, providing value to savvy bettors who want more excitement from start to finish.
  • Derivative odds: These allow bets on specific segments of the match, like the first or second half. They can include three-way moneylines, match or team totals, and special prop bets for designated periods.
  • Asian handicap lines: These add an intriguing twist to soccer betting by leveling the playing field between two unevenly matched teams. The method splits your wager across two different bets with fractional or whole goal spreads, offering more complex betting options and reducing the risk of a total loss by providing a chance to win or reclaim part of the stake, depending on the outcome.

How to Read Soccer Odds

American odds with a (-) or (+) sign are the most common way to present soccer odds. A minus sign indicates the amount you need to bet to win $100, while a plus sign shows how much you’d win if you bet $100. Keep in mind that favorites have negative odds, while underdogs have positive ones.

For instance, betting on Team A at -125 (the favorite to win) means you must risk $125 to win $100. Likewise, a bet on Team B at +310 (the underdog) turns a $100 wager into a $310 win.

Online vs. In-Person Soccer Sports Betting

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