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3 Tips for Beginning Sports Bettors

There are a lot of factors that have led to the resurgence of sports betting. Fantasy sports and culture in general have lifted the dated stigma that surrounds sports betting. It’s also easier than ever to participate in this exciting hobby. With this growing and evolving event comes a flood of new bettors. If you’re new, don’t worry! We’ve built a list of 10 tips to know and learn when it comes to getting started. The world of sports betting is vast and can be complicated, but we’re here to help smooth it out for you.

1. Underdogs and Favorites

The first aspect of learning about betting is understanding the difference between underdogs vs. favorites. Oddsmakers release information prior to a game where they decide which team is which. The favorite is the team they expect to win. You will see a minus sign next to their odds. The underdog will have a plus sign. This is to designate the point spread.

2. Point Spreads

Point spreads are what helps balance the game and the betting. Because there are favorites and underdogs, the spread helps keep things interesting and fair. For example, let’s say the Broncos are the 10-point favorite (-10) against the Raiders. If you bet on the Broncos, they need to win the game by 11 points or more for you to win your bet. If the Broncos hit that number, they “cover.” If they win by exactly 10 points, the game is a “push,” and you get your money back. If the Broncos don’t cover the point spread or straight up lose to the Raiders, you lose your bet.

However, if you bet on the Raiders, you can win by two factors: the Broncos not covering the point spread or the Raiders winning. You will find point spreads on most sports, but they’re most popular in higher scoring sports such as football and basketball.

3. Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is the simplest form of sports betting. Rather than worrying about point spreads and over/under, you purely pick a winner. You pick between the underdog or the favorite and assume a few aspects within them. Favorites will have a “minus” designation with them. Because they’re favored to win, you stand to lose more if you bet on them and they lose. However, betting on the underdog nets you a larger payout due to them being the designated inferior team. Moneyline betting is usually done on lower-scoring sports, such as soccer, hockey, and baseball.

Where Can I Place My Bets?

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