Mt Evans Scenic Byway

Enjoy a fabulous drive on one of the most popular highways in the West. The Mt. Evans Highway offers a spectacular view as the highest road for vehicles along a national forest. While the drive is only 28 miles long, it is well worth the time you spend traveling this route.

The journey begins in Idaho Springs, climbing to the summit of Mount Evans, which is 14,264 feet up. As you drive along, you’ll see mountains cutting into the vivid horizon with their snow-topped peaks. The contrast of snow white against the bright azure blue sky provides a breathtaking sight you won’t want to miss.

This is a trip you can take more than once. Each season offers a unique perspective with vibrant green forests dotting the mountains in the spring and bold colors of wildflowers in the summer. Red and orange leaves turn the mountain on fire which soon becomes blanketed in a layer of snow. Regardless of how they are arrayed, the mountains are a constant part of the view, unchanged over time and unyielding.

The Drive

Mount Evans is the tallest of the ranges with Pikes Peak and Longs Peak also providing a captivating view to the drive. The road is paved for a smooth ride, but the journey is winding with adventurous twists and turns up through canyons and along the ridges.

Crystal clear lakes and thick pine forests dot the scenery along the way. Once you reach the top, the long-anticipated view takes your breath away as you view all of central Colorado. Along the way, you can stop at Pike National Forest or Arapaho National Forest. You’ll also drive by Mount Evans Wilderness Area and Echo Lake along with Summit Lake. You can also enjoy some fantastic scenery at Mount Goliath Natural Area.

Activities for the Area

This scenic drive is perfect for the outdoor lover. You’ll find the perfect place for camping if you’d like to spend a few days here. If you only have an afternoon, you can choose a spot for a picnic or a few hours of fishing. You’re sure to see all kinds of wildlife if you hang around for a while. For the person who likes to stay active, rock climbing, hiking and skiing are options to keep you busy.

While the route is exciting anytime of the year, it is an ideal trip during the summer when you want a short getaway. It’s also a fantastic activity to add to your trip while you’re visiting Black Hawk. Spend a few hours outdoors after trying your luck at one of the gaming tables. Once you’ve experienced this unforgettable journey, you can come back to Black Hawk and enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many dining places.

Make plans to spend some time enjoying all Black Hawk has to offer, including scenic journeys within a short drive. Mount Evans Scenic Byway is sure to be a favorite for any visitor who appreciates the natural beauty of Colorado.