New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re tired of making the same New Year’s resolutions and want to do something different and exciting, consider several fun ideas that will inspire you to have more fun and travel. These are resolutions you’ll want to keep.

1. Go on a Safari

Even many well-seasoned travelers have never gone on a safari, but this kind of trip is the ultimate adventure. It’s hard to image just how much fun one can be until you’ve gone. Plan to make 2017 the year you see tigers up close in India or gorillas in their natural habitat in Rwanda. It’s an adventure unlike any other, and once you go, you’ll want to return.

2. Attend a Cooking Class

Learn how to cook ethnic food wherever you go on vacation by finding a cooking class in the area. Many hotels offer cooking classes, and you can learn more than taking one at home. Learn how to make French pastries in Paris or an Asian dish in Thailand. Cooking schools often have test kitchens that open up to the public at specific times. You can bring your new skill home to surprise your friends.

3. Plan an Active Vacation

An active vacation is one where you spend much of the time hiking or biking. It’s a healthy option so that you can enjoy the exotic foods without guilt. You’ll also get the opportunity to see some spectacular views that you would miss on a traditional vacation. You can find something for every level, from the person just looking for an easy walk to the adventurous hiker willing to traverse miles of mountain pathways.

4. Take a River Cruise

When people think of cruises, they imagine large ships out on the ocean, but a river cruise can be just as fun and even more adventurous. You’ll see places you couldn’t experience on a traditional cruise such as the Amazon in South America or ancient attractions on European waterways. The boats are smaller and you often receive more personalized attention. The focus is on the destinations more than the ship. However, you won’t lack for anything while you travel. You can find everything from luxury river boats to the more barebones experience to suit every kind of traveler.

5. Take a Weekend Trip

If your resolution is about having more fun in 2017, you don’t have to travel around the world. Plan small trips within your own state or in nearby states for a fun traveling experience. For instance, you can visit one or all of the 16 gaming and entertainment establishments in Colorado. Try your luck at the casino after a day out hiking on one of the mountain trails or take in a show after sampling an amazing buffet. With so many options for
Black Hawk Colorado, you are sure to have fun.

If you want to make 2017 unforgettable, try one of these New Year’s resolution ideas. Do something different; you won’t regret it.