Who’s Who in a Casino

Walking into a casino for the first time can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of machines, numerous card tables, a variety of staff and lots of amenities, including snack bars, buffets and more. Before you sit down at the nearest slot machine, why not take a moment to learn about the staff within a casino? It’s helpful to know their specific roles and how they can ensure your experience is enjoyable and harmonious.


A casino, like the casinos in BlackHawk, is split into two parts. The first is an area with rows of slot machines. The second is an area where you play table games including blackjack, roulette and craps. The tables are arranged in pits. Individual pits are designed to be fully functioning areas with a variety of table games and casino employees:

Pit Bosses

Pit bosses are well dressed, experienced personnel who are responsible for all gaming operations in their assigned pit. The pit boss must know all details related to each game, keep track of a large sum of money and settle serious disputes. They also monitor the amount of credit extended to each patron and dispense comps (free meals or shows). If tempers flare or someone wins big, a pit boss needs to be there to calm rowdy players or congratulate those who get lucky. A pit boss is the security supervisor, gambling expert and public relations manager.


Dealers are experts at the game they oversee, and they multitask quickly to keep patrons satisfied. Their job is very high-pressure, as they need to perform accurately in front of a critical audience. Ultimately, dealers need to know who wins, who loses and how much to pay out on each hand. Contrary to popular belief, dealers prefer you win, because they may receive a sizeable tip.


Floorpersons are responsible for only a few tables within a pit. They report directly to the pit boss on all activity, especially critical matters. Often, the floorpersons are hard to distinguish from the pit boss unless the pit boss is identified in a unique situation. Their job is to ensure proper casino procedures are followed by the dealers and players.

Slot Attendants

If you have difficulty with a slot machine, you will first deal with a slot attendant. These employees watch carefully for the next jackpot or flashing light requesting service. They’re in a smart uniform and sometimes push carts with money for bettors in need. Slot attendants know each game well and help those who are uncertain of game rules or payouts.

Slot Supervisors

Slot supervisors oversee machine maintenance and manage all slot attendants. Players rarely interact with a slot supervisor unless they win a large jackpot that can’t be paid out with coins.

Modern casinos are much more than establishments to win big. They cater to your every need similar to a five star hotel. There are usually an abundance of employees and managers that are ready to make your casino experience unforgettable.

Casino Hosts

The mission of a casino host is to meet all your expectations. They’re responsible for greeting VIP guests and ensuring high rollers are given free meals, tickets to shows, golf games and even hotel accommodations. If you’re unable to drop a ton of cash, you can still befriend a casino host and earn complimentary gifts by joining the casino loyalty club, introducing yourself, visiting the casino daily or simply asking for available free benefits. A good casino host will make every effort to make all customers comfortable.

Other Managers

All employees, including casino hosts, are expected to report to shift managers and all shift managers must report to the casino manager. The casino manager is rarely seen, but may occasionally walk the floor and interact with enthusiastic players.

Casino employees are highly trained and adhere to strict rules. Their main goal is a smooth experience for all customers while maintaining a fair and clean gaming environment. If you’re uncertain about any casino operations, take your newfound knowledge and address the correct employee to ensure your experience is enjoyable. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to a casino host to learn more about the establishment and amenities in the area.