Wine Tasting Tips for Your Visit to Black Hawk, CO

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If you’re having trouble deciding between going on an exciting gambling vacation or having a more relaxing experience by sipping some delicious wines, the good news is you can combine both passions! Black Hawk, CO is the perfect place for an unforgettable getaway, with lots to do, including gambling and wine tasting. We’ve prepared some wine tasting tips for beginners and those who have been wine tasting before but want to get the most out of the experience. A wine tasting event allows you to discover your favorite types and brands of wine and educates you about the wine-making process. There are plenty of local wineries to visit in the Black Hawk area, including Creekside Cellars, Blue Mountain Vineyards, and Augustina’s Winery, just to name a few. Learn more about the steps to take during a wine tasting, some wine tasting tips, and some other exciting things to do while you’re visiting Colorado.

The Wine Tasting Process

Following these wine tasting process tips will make you feel and look like a true pro, even if you’ve never tasted wine before. Check out these steps before you go wine tasting, so you know what to expect:

  • Look at the Wine – This first step is easy to overlook because it’s a wine tasting, not a wine looking. Take a look in your wine glass. Study the color of the wine to determine what type of grapes were used to make it. Lighter shades could be Pinot Noir, while darker, blackish-purple colors may be Syrah or Zinfandel grapes. You can then look at the wine from the side as opposed to from the top. Wines appearing to be murky may have had issues in production as the best wines are clear with some sparkle. Tilt your wine glass and look to see if the edge is pale or watery. Those are indications of a thin wine. Swirl your glass and see if tears run down the glass, indicating a higher alcohol content.
  • Use Your Nose – Now that you’ve looked at the wine, it’s time to smell it. Use short sniffs rather than inhaling the wine through your nostrils. If your wine smells musty, that means it’s spoiled. If it smells like vinegar, it has too much acidity. Try to differentiate if your wine has fruit, vegetables, flowers, spices, or herbs in it. The smell of vanilla, caramel, chocolate, or nuts might mean that the wine has been aged.
  • Taste Test – Now that you’ve done just about everything but taste your wine, it’s time to get to the good part. Start by taking a small sip and holding it in your mouth. Confirm anything you suspected while smelling the wine. Complex wines can be challenging to pin down. Linger over the glass of wine so you can appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to help you learn.

Some Additional Wine Tasting Tips

Now that you know how you should taste wine while visiting Black Hawk, you need a few more tips related to logistics. Contact your vendors in advance. This means scheduling your wine tasting, making transportation arrangements, and more. Figure out the types of wine you want to taste ahead of time. Explore your options as they relate to wineries and the dates and times you can visit for a wine tasting. Enjoying wine tasting should be just one of the activities you participate in during your escape to Black Hawk. There are plenty of luxurious hotels to stay at while enjoying delicious dining, exciting gaming and sports betting, outdoor experiences such as hiking, and so much more.

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