The Visit Black Hawk Team Spends a Day at the Adams County Fair

Meeting Locals and Offering Promotions in Brighton, Colorado

The Hawk and the rest of the Visit Black Hawk team headed down to Brighton for the Adams County Fair on August 6th. The exciting and busy fair grounds were the perfect setting to meet the friendly faces of Brighton, Colorado. Goodies and promotional chips worth $20 in free gaming were given out to the fair attendees. With these chips, people have $20 to play at any of the participating casinos – and even redeem exclusive offers online. The kids loved getting the chance to take a picture with The Hawk, even some of the parents jumped in for a quick photo.

A lot of families shared their memories at the fair on their social media accounts using the hashtag #EscapeToBlackHawk. Then, we printed out the photo for them right at the Visit Black Hawk booth. This event was the perfect reminder that Black Hawk is not only a great escape for adults but for families as well. At Black Hawk, there are all kinds of activities for families to do including hiking and camping, dining, and visiting the historical town.

A Sunday afternoon at the Adams County Fair was the ideal place for adults to escape their weekly commitments and have some fun. We hope to see some familiar faces up at Black Hawk very soon for their next family getaway.

Didn’t get a chance to stop by the Adams County Fair?

Don’t worry because there is still one more Visit Black Hawk event! Here are the details:

August 19 – Colorado Rapids vs. DC United at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

 Black Hawk team spreading wings in Denver metro

hawk mascot and fans