What Your Favorite Casino Game Says about You

You walk into the casino and immediately head to your favorite spot on the floor. It may be the poker table, the roulette wheel or the slot machines, but your routine never changes. You go on vacation and seek out a new casino for a fun afternoon or evening. The location and look may have changed, but one thing still rings true. You head to the same game you would be playing at home.

The game you choose to play, the game that makes you feel lucky reveals a lot about your personality. People gravitate to certain games because they “fit” them. They are either introverted or extroverted and the game they choose works with their personality. Here is a look at what your game of choice says about you.


Most people know the basics about how to play bingo. While it’s a game of chance, they feel they can handle the level of risk and understand what it takes to win. These people like to have fun and be around other people. They are extroverts and like a game that seems fair and equal to all people. Fairness and equality are two traits that are important to them. They love the excitement that comes with the game and the anticipation that mounts as they get closer to winning. They are also optimistic and pay attention to detail.

Slot Machines

A game you play alone, slot machines are perfect for introverts. People who choose this game are relaxed and like to take their time with fun. They don’t like risks or a lot of competition. While you still enjoy fun and excitement, you can find it all by yourself.


This game is for the thrill-seeking risk-taker. People who play this game are likely extroverts who feel they are lucky in life. You enjoy developing a strategy and don’t mind life on the edge.


Another game that appeals to extroverts, craps is for people who enjoy socializing. You like to meet new people, but you also appreciate tradition. You don’t mind being the center of attention, and you even thrive on it.


This is another game for the introverted player who likes to go it alone. You get started on something and you don’t know when to quit. You enjoy spending time alone even in a casino full of people. You don’t like to be under pressure, but you have a tendency to be a bit compulsive.


Poker players tend to be extroverts who are also competitive in nature. They enjoy developing strategy and like to show off your skills. You are relaxed at social events, but you aren’t afraid to do what it takes to get the upper hand of situations.

If you find you like to switch between two games, you may have some characteristics of both. And if you see a little of yourself in the character traits of another game, you might want to give it a try.