Black Hawk, CO Elopement Inspiration

Elope in the Beautiful Backdrop of Black Hawk, CO

If you’re in love, but you don’t want to wait around and plan out a formal wedding, we don’t blame you. Black Hawk, CO is a popular destination for couples looking to elope. Whether you want to forego the formal ceremony or do it later, there’s no reason not to elope in this beautiful Colorado town. When thinking about beautiful places to elope, Colorado should certainly come to mind. From alpine lakes to snowcapped mountain peaks, Colorado makes for beautiful backdrops and amazing photos. Black Hawk welcomes elopers and offers plenty of things to do so you can combine your elopement and honeymoon into one trip. Learn more about how to elope in Black Hawk, CO.

Choosing to Elope vs. Traditional Weddings

Colorado is a beautiful place to elope or have a traditional destination wedding. There are many benefits to elopement. This intimate wedding focuses on you as a couple and on your commitment to one another, instead of on the big production and traditions of “normal” weddings. Couples may choose to elope with no guests or just their closest family and friends. Some couples decide to elope alone first and then throw a big party at a later date. When you elope, everything is up to you. You can wear whatever you want and do whatever you want. If wedding planning is too stressful or not your cup of tea, planning your elopement is much easier and more affordable.

Why You Should Elope in Colorado

While you can choose to elope anywhere, Colorado is known for its beauty. It also has elopement-friendly laws to make things easier on you. Colorado is home to thousands of miles of hiking trails and offers breathtaking views in every direction. Check out these reasons why CO is the perfect place to elope:

  • Self-Solemnizing – This phrase might not sound pleasant, but it means that you and your significant other can legally marry yourselves by signing your own marriage license. You don’t need an ordained officiant. Colorado is one of the few states to allow this, and many of the others have stricter requirements.
  • No Witnesses – The state of Colorado is the only one that doesn’t require an officiant or witnesses to be legally married. That means you can have a true elopement with just the two of you and your marriage is still legal. Your dog can even sign your marriage license!
  • Same Day Marriages – Colorado does not require a waiting period on marriage licenses. Getting married the same day can happen here. But if you’re visiting from out of state, be sure to plan ahead to visit the county clerk’s office.
  • Epic Views – If you want a mountain wedding, you can drive your car up a mountain and get married at 14,000 feet! You can also take a gondola up a mountain to get married in the most beautiful of settings.

Your Colorado Elopement Planning Checklist

Elopements are associated with spontaneity, but you should still do some planning. Of course, planning your elopement is a lot easier than planning a traditional wedding. Check out these things to do before your big day:

  • Find Inspiration – Don’t be afraid to dream big for your special day. You can look for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. Envision your perfect elopement and then make it a reality. Plan a tentative guest list if you want to go that route.
  • Choose a Photographer – Search for an elopement photographer online. You’ll want to check out a few to see samples of their work and find the best deal. There is plenty of beautiful scenery in Colorado, so you want to capture it in your elopement photos.
  • Narrow Down Your Location – There are many locations in Colorado that are perfect for eloping. Black Hawk is the ideal choice because it’s so beautiful and there are plenty of things to do before and after your elopement.
  • Book Your Travel – Don’t wait too long to book your travel plans to Black Hawk. You may also want to rent a car, and a 4WD is a good option for mountain terrain.
  • Plan the Details – All the details will need to be brainstormed to make your day even more special. Decide what you want to eat or drink, how you’ll exchange vows, and anything else you might need.
  • Get Your Marriage License – It’s easy to obtain a marriage license in Colorado. Visit the county clerk’s office before your elopement day. You’ll need your IDs, social security numbers, and a $30 fee.

The Perfect Elopement Spot is Black Hawk

Now that you know how easy and ideal it is to elope in Colorado, it’s time to choose the perfect spot. Black Hawk is an excellent choice. There’s so much to see and do, and the backdrops are breathtaking. You can enjoy hiking, biking, camping, dining, drinking, gaming, and so much more. We hope to see you soon and be the place you start the rest of your life together.