Hiking Safety and Tips in Black Hawk

If you like to go hiking in Colorado, you’ll find some amazing trails to try out. Some of the best options are the hiking trails near Black Hawk, like the Snowshoe Hare Trail. To make this an enjoyable outing where the most exciting thing to happen is to see wildlife cross your path, you should keep in mind the most important hiking safety tips.

Know Your Terrain

Before you embark on your adventure, one of the most important hiking tips to keep in mind is to know the trail. Find out from other experienced hikers how strenuous the trail is. For instance, the Snowshoe Hare Trail outside of Black Hawk is one filled with rocky terrain. You’ll spend more of your time watching your step and avoiding a fall. There is a small lake along the trail, which makes a good resting point. This information will help you know what to expect and plan your schedule for safety and fun.

Know How to Pack

If you’re planning a short hike on a reasonably easy trail, you will want to keep your gear to a minimum and pack light. However, if you are going on a longer hike, you want to make sure you pack everything you need for the trip. Even a 2-1/2 or 3-hour hike like at Mountain Lion Trail in the Golden Gate Canyon State Park will require a few basic items. Some required gear includes:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Lighter or Matches
  • Knife
  • Plenty of Water
  • Food
  • Light Jacket
  • Flashlight

Even a two-hour hike will require most of these provisions. Many of them, such as the jacket and flashlight, are designed for assistance if you should get lost or be out later than you had planned. Remember that some of the trails go through the forest where it can begin to get dark even when the sun is still up.

Dress Appropriately

Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. On a hot day and a long hike, you’ll want to dress cool to prevent heat exhaustion. However, it can get cool in some areas, especially as the altitude changes, so you need to be prepared for the change in temperature.

One of the most important pieces of equipment and clothing you’ll need is sturdy hiking boots. Don’t settle for regular tennis shoes unless you’re going on a short hike on a smooth path. Some trails may take you through the water and over rocks and thick grass. You want a boot that will provide support and protection. You may even want to bring along walking poles for the most rugged trails. They provide added support as you walk over uneven terrain or unfamiliar territory.

Hiking in Colorado can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous if you’re not prepared. Follow these hiking tips and remember to put safety first. That way, you can focus on the adventure and enjoy some spectacular views.