Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes to Make for Your Family and Friends

Cranberry-Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Put two Thanksgiving favorites together with this delightful recipe. The fact that it’s also easy to make is a bonus. Since you microwave the sweet potatoes, you cut the cooking time down as well. The delicious glaze is made of orange juice, cranberry sauce with whole berries and brown sugar.

Carrot Souffle

It won’t be difficult to get your vegetables when you have a recipe to serve like this carrot soufflé. The light texture goes well with all the other heavy dishes you are sure to enjoy this holiday. It’s also a fabulous substitute for sweet potatoes with plenty of nutritional value. Sour cream enhances the flavor in this dish.

Butternut Squash Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is a delicious way to end a big holiday meal, and this recipe brings a new flavor to the dish. Butternut squash is a healthy addition and one that is low in calories. To enhance the flavor, it includes Gruyere cheese and sage. Serve it as dessert or as part of the meal.

Apple and Sage Turkey

Make your turkey center stage with this delicious sweet and savory recipe. Sage leaves are placed under the skin while orange is squeezed all over. Apples and onions are combined with the turkey neck for flavor and placed in the roasting pan while the bird cooks. Continual basting ensures the flavors cook in while the drippings from the pan and apple juice make a fabulous gravy to go with the turkey after it has finished cooking.

Pumpkin Crunch Pie

If your family fights over which is better, pumpkin or pecan pie, settle the battle by making this delicious pumpkin crunch pie. A take on both kinds, this recipe will leave you begging for more. The creamy pumpkin filling is contrasted by the pecan crumble topping. Cream cheese enhances the silky filling for melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

Maple Pumpkin Tart

Add two flavors of fall together for an unforgettable dessert with this tart recipe. Sweet maple syrup and tart lemon zest provide an interesting contrast to go with the pumpkin. The distinct texture is achieved by adding breadcrumbs to the custard prior to baking.

These recipes are sure to delight everyone at your next Thanksgiving dinner. Try one or all to see the happy surprised reactions of your guests.

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